Is your group looking for a unique fundraiser? Looking for something different from the boring magazines, candy bars or hoagies? SELL PIEROGI!

We have had successful fundraisers with schools, bands, teams, churches and other non-profit organizations in Pittsburgh. With us, fundraising is easy – everyone loves pierogi!

Our fundraisers are easy!

How it works:

Step 1: Have a team meeting and decide when you would like to start and finish selling.
Step 2: Call us to set up your order and delivery dates.
Step 3: Sell!
Step 4: Make sure your order is submitted by the date we agreed upon.
Step 5: We show up with the pierogi and you distribute them to your happy customers!

The Details:

  • We provide a simple order collection form that you can customize for your group.
  • We offer price breaks for larger quantities – so the more you sell, the higher your profit margin!
  • Check to see if your organization qualifies for free delivery.
  • There are no deposits – you pay in full when we deliver.
  • Feel free to email us with questions at any time!

The Pittsburgh Pierogi Truck is committed to supporting our surrounding communities. Assisting groups with fundraising activities is one way we are able to help our region flourish. Fundraising for any organization is a constant process. Our pierogies are an exceptional, highly popular and profitable product. Oftentimes, supporters become bored with the same magazines, candy bars or hoagies being sold year after year. Our unique, high quality pierogi will help your organization’s fundraiser to stand out from the crowd!

Here are just some of the organizations that have had successful Pittsburgh Pierogi Truck fundraisers:



Please email us for more information. Be sure to include which group you are working with in your email.