That’s right Pittsburgh, a PIEROGI food truck.  We are Pittsburgh’s one and only food truck specializing in authentic Eastern European dishes like pierogi, stuffed cabbage and haluski. We drive around town and feed yinzers the delicious food of our city’s ancestors.  You know the ones we are talking about – those hard working, steel producing, backbone of America, ancestors.  The ones who were covered in coal dust after a hard day in the mine.  The ones who came home to meals named things you cannot ever pronounce correctly. (What is a go-lab-key?)


Who we are.

Essentially, we are just a bunch of Polish kids from Pittsburgh. We grew up here pinching pierogi at St. Vladimir’s in Arnold, moved away, came back and started a business.  We have been specializing in pierogi, haluski, stuffed cabbage and desserts for over 10 years, beginning on the internet at and now moving into the Pittsburgh community from our truck.

We aim to fill you up just like Grandma did. Our portions are generous, and our prices are reasonable. On our truck, we regularly serve potato and cheese pierogi, haluski and stuffed cabbage (oh, thats gołabki!). We also have nine different kinds of pierogi available frozen to take home.

In this fast paced world, where traditions are seeming to fade away, we aim to carry on with foods of our fathers. Our goals are to keep traditions alive in each bite and to transport you to happy memories of food and family.Some people will look at us and be skeptical.  How could a bunch of 30 somethings know what good pierogi are?  You’ll just have to find out for yourself.  Come see us and see what all the buzz is about.  We can’t wait to share our passion and serve you a delicious meal.